We would like to introduce ourselves as a one of the leading Contractors and service provider in Water Proofing,, we are a team of experienced engineers and are equipped with the latest and advanced technology of Waterproofing. Water-proof or water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Waterproofing describes making an object or a place waterproof or water-resistant.

We can waterproof all types of RCC (Reinforced Cement & Concrete) construction structures, including terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leaked lines, sidewalls, balconies, WCs, bathrooms & kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools, and basements. Our team put their best foot forward when it comes to implying their experience and Knowledge in given assignments.

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MT Boss is a qualified and specialized waterproofing contractor operating in Moradabad. We are also specialized in terrace waterproofing. We believe that our reputation as an expert in the field of waterproofing has branded us as one of the best waterproofing companies to deal with in our city. Our years of experience and knowledge in the waterproofing industry coupled with our service excellence guarantee and reliability in solving all types of waterproofing issues has put us at the forefront of our competitors.

These water proofing services we are offering to our clients are high quality array of structural installations, construction sealants and many other construction materials for efficient sealing to prevent leakages from further damaging the area. Our water proofing contractors are very reliable and provide efficient work at very affordable range of prices delivered on stipulated time frame

With us you don’t need to guess, our work will be sure to impress !